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14.08ctsunbeatable Pricejumbo Collector100 % Natural Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye

   14.08CtsUnbeatable PriceJumbo Collector100 % Natural " Chrysoberyl "Cat's Eye. 100 % Natural Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye. 13.3 x 11.5 x 8.8. "Loupe-Clean" or "10X clean" 100% Clean - Exceptional quality with no inclusion(s) visible using a 10X loupe. "Near Loupe-Clean" Excellent quality with only slight inclusion(s) or irregularity with a 10X loupe. Contains inclusions might be visible under naked eye, but doesn't hamper the inner beauty. "Included-Declasse" Heavily Included -stones not transparent because of inclusions. (Not insured track not able). Additional items USD 1.00 for each. We ...